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Fiber Collage Artist

A baby boomer native of California, Louise Thompson Schiele draws on her life experiences to create her representational and abstract designs.  She has always lived in Northern California, but has traveled throughout the US and Europe, snapping shots for future fiber collage creations.  Self taught in many formats of fiber, she has exhibited in the US and internationally.   Louise worked in Corporate America for many long years before retiring and making her fiber art her full time passion.  Her art has moved from the traditional to contemporary, but always has her personal mark and unique sense of color and design.  She has always had the long time passion for anything unusual and likes to use those techniques whenever she can when creating her work.  Her glass is always half full, enjoys the simple things in life,  is always planning the next several pieces in her mind while working on her current piece with her hands.

Artist Statement
Louise Thompson Schiele says her span of work depicts her journey through life, from her teen year’s right up into her now baby boomer path.  “Over all these years, working with fiber has been my passion.  Sewing it, manipulating it, changing it to be what I need it to be at that particular time for that particular finished piece.  I have been in the learning stages for quite some time; learning all the different techniques and learning what I like to create.  And now I know to create what I feel, not to worry about what others want me to do.   I create what comes from an experience, create what comes from a relationship, and create what comes from my own minds eye.  I believe an artist should grow in knowledge and technique, grow within and create as her heart tells her to create.   Only then can an artist be true to herself and create honest art”.   

 “I really think everyone creates their own style of work.  It’s either designated by the themes we select, or the colors we always use or the image we portray on our surface.  What a compliment it is to hear someone mention they know who created a specific piece of work based on its content and not just by reading the artists name on the wall placard.    My creative work just happens and I enjoy every minute of my life it consumes”.